Anker A8613 PowerLine 6ft Select USB-C to Lightning Connector Cable - White (1.8M)

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Continuing our commitment to innovation in the age of USB-C, we are proud to release PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning. Featuring the same remarkable durability and lifetime warranty that made PowerLine II one of the most powerful charging cables in the world. Official MFi certification ensures flawless operation with any devices that use a Lightning connector.


  • Evolved Durability
  • Support Power Delivery
  • MFi certification and strict quality
  • Super-solid multi-layer structure
  • The Ultra-Durable Cable That’s Yours For Life
  • High-Speed Data Transfer music, movies and photo albums in seconds

Support Power Delivery
Provides the fastest charging speed when connected to a charger that supports USB-C Power Delivery.

Super-solid multi-layer structure
Each cable is reinforced with bulletproof synthetic fiber. This is the main material for producing bulletproof armor. Anker is the first company in the world to use to manufacture telephone cables.

Apple MFi Certified
Each Lightning Anker PowerLine Cable contains a unique chip certified by Apple, ensuring the cable is 100% compatible with all devices and meets Apple standards.

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